🚂 Sonic Models N Gauge "Large Prairie" Sneak Preview

Posted by Jack Morgan on

Check out this sneak preview of the forthcoming Sonic Models N gauge GWR "Large Prairie" 2-6-2T steam locomotives in action on the beautiful James Street layout! Exclusive to Rails, we are looking forward to receiving these highly detailed new models into stock during June 2024.

The range includes a variety of GWR and BR era models. Pre-order yours now!

Thank you to Railway Modeller magazine for sharing the layout photo.

Pre-Order Now

Product Features

• 51xx/61xx detailed prototype body
• Livery options for GWR and BR designs
• Die-cast chassis block
• Coreless 12v motor
• 6 pin DCC socket for 90° RA decoders
• Phosphor Bronze driving wheel bearings
• All wheel pick up
• See through spoked wheels
• Finescale coupling and connecting rods
• NEM mounted N Gauge couplings
• Buffer beam detailing parts

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