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RCH wagons
RCH wagons
RCH wagons

Rapido Trains UK produce a newly tooled range of 5 & 7 plank open wagons replicating those built to the Railway Clearing House (RCH) 1907 design specifications. This comprehensive range covers all manner of private owner, pre-grouping and big four era colour schemes as well as some special one-off fictional liveries.

The first batch of RCH wagons have now arrived in stock, with a myriad of colourful wagons available to order!

A second batch is to follow on in 2024/ 2025 catering for vehicles fitted with side doors only. You can see more about these below...

Batch 2 Engineering Sample

Batch 1 - In Stock Now

Batch 1 - Exclusive to Rails

Batch 2 - Due Late 2024

Rapido have announced a second batch of these wagons, with an updated tooling to cover vehicles fitted with side doors only. Engineering samples have been revealed, and the order book deadline has been set for Monday 24th June - so we recommend you pre-order now to avoid disappointment!

Product Features:

Highly detailed model with many separate parts including handbrake levers, couplings, buffers and more

Accurate tooling variations for 5 & 7 plank vehicles as well as many small detail differences

Metal wheels and axles with metal bearings

Intricately applied liveries & printing

NEM tension lock couplings

Prototype Information

In the pioneering years of the railways, wagons were not built to set standards, resulting in numerous incidents and maintenance issues. 

In 1887, the Railway Clearing House set out their first set of standards for private owner wagon construction - which they then updated several times. The 1907 specification 5 and 7 plank wagons were built in their thousands for collieries, factories and other industrial operators across the UK. These vehicles lasted a long time in active service, with many passing into BR ownership and then on to indsutrial service past the 1960s.

Real life RCH wagon
Image via HMRS

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