Rapido Trains UK 967237 Set of 3 SECR 12 Ton 7 Plank Mineral Wagons (SR Diagram 1358) - SR Brown Livery

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Product Description

Rails of Sheffield Exclusive

SECR 12 Ton 7 Plank Mineral Wagons (SR Diagram 1358)

SR Brown livery

Each wagon will be individually numbered
17671 / 17991 / 18081

 About the wagons...

Between 1913 and 1914 the SECR purchased a number of wagons from RY Pickering. These wagons were built to move coal and were at the time were primarily used by Willam Cory & Son (Coal Factors) based in Erith.

These wagons carried a variety of liveries - Wainwright light grey with small SECR lettering and black metalwork, all over Maunsell dark SECR grey with large lettering and also standard SR pre-1936 brown.

We are pleased to offer these wagons for the first time in 4mm OO gauge. These wagons are produced by Rapido using their latest RCH 7 plank open wagon tooling featuring both side and end doors, angled vee-hangers, double sided brakes, flat-fronted axleboxes and split-spoked wheels.

Although not all minor detail differences can be captured with this tooling, these wagons will be as close a representation of the SECR wagons as possible and will fit perfectly with the new SECR brake vans – particularly our exclusive single-veranda types.