🚆NEW Heljan/ Gaugemaster OO Class 47s In Stock Now

Posted by Jack Morgan on

Heljan produce a newly tooled range of British Rail Class 47 diesel locomotives in OO Gauge! 

The full general release range has now landed in stock - which includes a plethora of livery options from the early days of this class with British Rail, right through to privatisation liveries. Each loco features a wealth of detailing variations specific to subclass, era and more.

Additional models releasing as part of the Gaugemaster Collection have now arrived in stock too, with more to follow on in the near future!

In Stock Now

With so many different liveries produced, all with digital ready or digital sound fitted versions available - we couldn't detail them all in this article! So hit the button below to see everything we currently have available.

DCC Ready: from £199.95

DCC Sound Fitted: from £279.95

Latest Releases

More Variations Incoming!

But that's not all.. Gaugemaster have also commissioned a number of other models for the Gaugemater Collection range. These are due to follow on very soon.

Product Features

Highly detailed bogies with superb relief detail and separate components

Exquisitely detailed underframe area with original water/fuel tanks, battery boxes or extended range fuel tanks and battery boxes

9 different cab end designs based on common variations, with the potential to mix-and-match cab versions to produce specific locomotives

Authentic ride height

Original or ‘cutaway’ bufferbeam assemblies

Body-mounted or bufferbeam-mounted ETH equipment

Single arm or pantograph windscreen wipers

Original fixed or Serck radiator shutter options for No1 end roof panels

7 options for No2 end boiler roof panel including all major Spanner/Stones/Clayton versions in original open design or plated over.

Glazed headcodes and two versions of plated headcode panel

Original cab or later ‘life extended’ style with cutaway bufferbeam cowling

Options for ScotRail and Rail express systems Class 47/7s

Highly detailed and decorated cab interiors with authentic angled frames visible in cabside windows

Authentic pipework detail visible in engine room windows

Separately applied metal detail parts, including handrails and etched fan grilles

Finely detailed three-piece miniature snowploughs which attach to the underside of the chassis for a more realistic appearance

Sprung finescale buffers

Beautifully decorated bufferbeam pipework/cables

More than 150 separate parts per model