🛢️ Dapol OO 14t Tanker Production Samples

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Dapol are producing a newly tooled range of 14 ton Air Ministry Tank Wagons in OO gauge, covering both Class A and Class B vehicles which were used for the transport of aviation fuel. Final production samples for this new range have now been revealed, with all models expected to arrive by the end of May 2024!

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Product Features:

Class A & Class B wagons to be produced

Extremely detailed and accurate body shell and chassis

Many separately added fine details, including separate platforms and ladders where appropriate

NEM coupling

Finely profiled wheels (front and back)

Full sprung chassis - a 1st for OO Gauge RTR models

Superbly applied livery

Three link chains supplied in accessory bag

Prototype Information

The majority of these tank wagons were built between 1939 and 1944 as Class A wagons for aviation fuel, being 17ft-6inch long on a 10ft wheelbase fitted with RCH either side braking and split oil axle boxes. The tank was 7ft-2inch diameter containing 4275 gallons saddle mounted with two small platforms on the top of the tank. After the war and around 1947, surplus tank wagons were converted to Class B fitted with heating coils to help discharge of viscous fuel and bottom discharge. All Class A tanks had gone out of service by 1971 with the last B Class tank following in 1973. 

Image by Dan Adkins

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