Woodland Scenics WC1215 C1215 Earth Colour Kit

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Product Description

This is an amazingly simple system for coloring terrain and plaster castings such as rocks, retaining walls, culverts and tunnel portals. Specifically formulated for coloring Flex Paste, Plaster Cloth, Lightweight Hydrocal®*, plaster, foam, wood and papier mache terrain models. Water-soluable. Eight individual bottles in kit.

.676 fl oz (19.9 mL) each


Kit includes:

  • 8 - .676 fl oz (19.9 mL) bottles of Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment (White, Concrete, Stone Gray, Slate Gray, Black, Raw Umber, Yellow Ocher and Burnt Umber)
  • 1 foam brush
  • 1 palette
  • Instructions