WBR4956 BR4956 Woodland Scenics - N Gauge Buildings - Miss Molly's Diner

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Product Description

Miss Molly's Diner welcomes you with a spoonful of some good home cookin'. This N Scale Built-&-Ready® is styled like a train car eatery, hand-painted and authentically weathered for realism. It features a detached, classic sign, a menu board and other details for custom placement. The ready-made structure has an eye-catching printed interior complete with booths, a kitchen and other authentic diner features. This local establishment is open for business on your layout right of the package.

Bring the diner to life with both interior and exterior pre-installed LED lighting made for use with the Just Plug® Lighting System.

30mA RoHS Compliant

Pair this building with Just Plug Spotlights to highlight details like the detached, classic sign.

Kit includes:

  • 1 Warm White Stick-On LED
  • 2 Warm White Nano LEDs
  • Minimum 15" wire with Just Plug connector