Wills Modern Wills SSM300 Industrial/Retail Unit Base Kit

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Product Description

A truly versatile kit that can be made up in many different formats. The door/window and shutter positions can be swapped around, or left as blank wall. It is easy, for example, to place them in the unit ends, where the shutters could allow trains to enter to make the unit into an EMU/DMU/Diesel Depot. This kit can be made up in full or half relief, and an extension kit (SSM315) is available to make it wider. Multiple kits can easily be joined together to make a building that is limited only by your imagination. Supplied with pre-coloured parts although painting and/or weathering can add realism; glue is required to complete this model. Footprint: 168mm x 168mm (Stand Alone Format) or 336mm x 84mm (Half Relief Format)

Technical Specification: Length: Low Relief: 336 Stand Alone: 168mm Width: Low Relief: 84 Stand Alone: 168mm