Wills Kits SSMP233 Tactile Platform Paviors

SSMP233 Tactile Platform Paviors
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Product Description

We are pleased to announce the release the second of a series of new additions to the Wills Kits Scenic Series Material Pack range. SSMP 233 consists of 4 sheets of tactile paviors, these are now available and we are sure it will be popular with all modellers of OO/HO. By using a craft knife to cut each pavior out the modeller can apply these along platform edges or other areas of the layout, tactile paviors are designed to assist the visually impaired and can now be found in all walks of life, from town centres to stations.

This release marks the second of four new material packs, following the already popular SSMP 232 slate walling. Look out for the upcoming releases: gabion cage walling and French lozenge roof tiles all progressing nicely and due for release in 2021 adding to an already appealing variety of building materials. Something for scratch builders to look forward to!