Scenecraft 44-080 Weighbridge

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Product Description

Announced as part of our Summer 2022 British Railway Announcements, we are delighted to welcome the Weighbridge back to the Scenecraft range.

Weighbridges were an essential part of the story when it came to transporting goods by rail, allowing cargo to be weighed before loading or after being unloaded to ensure that the appropriate charges were levied. As a result, they could be found at goods depots across the country, as well as stations that handled freight – which most did. With its integral base, this model includes both the weighbridge and the hut where weights would be measured and recorded, with everything included in one neat package it's quick and easy to add this essential feature to your layout or diorama. 


  • OO scale
  • Highly detailed, hand painted model
  • Fully decorated and ready to place on your layout
  • Etched metal window frames with realistic glazing - making it perfect for use with Woodland Scenics JustPlug lighting