Walthers 933-3515 Caged Ladders (5) And Vents (5) Kit

Caged Ladders (5) And Vents (5) Kit
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Product Description

Add detail to your factory buildings with Walthers Cornerstone HO Scale Caged Ladders and Vents. On real structures, caged safety ladders are required for any ladder access over 10' 3m tall and can be found on virtually any American industrial building. A great way to modernize older buildings or detail contemporary structures, the set includes five complete ladder and cage assemblies. Plus, you get five wall-mounted vents that can also be fitted on the outside of almost any building.

  • Easy way to update old or modern industries
  • Five caged ladders
  • Five wall-mounted vents with ductwork and blowers
  • Molded in appropriate base color