Walthers 933-3091 Peterson Tool Specialities Kit

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Product Description

Modernise your industrial park with the Walthers Cornerstone Peterson Tool Specialities kit. With its steel and concrete construction, it can be used for almost any type of manufacturing operations. Sized to fit most layouts, the modular design makes it easy to construct a larger building by combining kits. Since today's industries depend on trucks and rail service, the kit includes doors and equipment for various types of loading docks.


  • Modern addition to any 1960s and later industrial park
  • Typical of industries built from the 1960s to the present
  • Simulated steel and concrete construction
  • Railcar loading doors
  • Modular design makes combining kits for larger structures easy
  • Colourful printed signs
  • Easy-to-build plastic kit
  • Moulded in appropriate colours


  • Length: 470mm
  • Width: 297mm
  • Height: 97mm