Gaugemaster PCU100 UNITY Power & Points - 8 Point Point Control Master Unit

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Product Description


Gaugemaster Unity has been designed to make controlling your points a breeze. This Power & Points package contains everything you need to get up and running with a simple three wire connection to each of your point motors. This unit can operate 8 channels and features LED Indication to show point position.

The contemporary design of this unit wouldn’t look out of place anywhere in your home, let alone on your model railway layout with its chrome effect finish. Each package comes supplied with a set of numbers which can be fixed into the slots provided and identify each of your points.

The point control unit comes with its own dedicated power supply, and if you need more than the eight outputs that this unit provides, an additional GMC-PCU101 Points Unit can easily be added. This would take your total number of outputs up to sixteen.


  • 8 Output Channels
  • LED Indication
  • Simple 3-wire connection to each motor
  • Contemporary design