Kato 126-4014-DCC Union Pacific Big Boy #4014 Steam Locomotive - DCC Fitted

  • 126-4014-DCC
  • Kato
  • N Gauge Scale
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Product Description

At long last – the Ultimate Steam Locomotive announcement from Kato USA! Joining the ranks of the Southern Pacific GS-4 and Union Pacific FEF-3, the latest and possibly most notable Steam locomotive ever built, the Union Pacific Big Boy Steam Locomotive will be produced by Kato in N scale for release in Mid-Late 2023!

Locomotive Features:

  • Capable of navigating 11” (282mm) radius curves thanks to its articulated frame.
  • An all-new synchronized twin-motor coreless drive that provides the combined power of two individual engines!
  • Illuminated deck-mounted headlight.
  • Post 2021 “modern” excursion appearance!
  • Exquisitely moulded details replicating the distinct and extensive piping details that stretch the length of the boiler.
  • Heavily weighted with its metal frame and additional weights in the body details for precise balance and unparalleled pulling capacity.
  • Both body and tender electrical pickup for unmatched electrical reliability.

Thanks to a special articulated mechanism, the Big Boy is able to manoeuvre around 11” radius curves, just like the Union Pacific FEF-3 and GS-4 from Kato USA!

*Pre-production sample shown, some details and colours are not final