GHOST OF KYIV Mechanical Model Kit

GHOST OF KYIV Mechanical Model Kit
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Modern Ukraine has a beautiful legend about a heroic ace pilot who defended the skies over Kyiv in his MiG-29 fighter. During the first 30 hours of the full-scale invasion of russia, "The Ghost of Kyiv" shot down six hostile russian aircraft, taking his place in the history of Ukraine forever. In total, he was credited with at least 40 kills. People called this unknown hero "The Ghost of Kyiv." It is impossible to overcome him, it is impossible not to admire him. In fact, the "Ghost of Kyiv" is a composite character of the pilots of the 40th Tactical Air Force Brigade of Ukraine, which has bravely defended Ukrainian skies ever since russia launched its war of aggression.

Ugears presents The Ghost of Kyiv Attacks, another mechanical mini-model of the special exclusive Age of Bravery collection. We developed this collection to pay tribute to the Ukrainian nation and Ukrainian defenders throughout history, including those fighting for the freedom of our country right now. We call the Age of Bravery series models "mechanical stories" because they depict real events of the current war.

The Ghost of Kyiv Attacks model consists of a MiG-29 fighter of the Ukrainian Air Force and a fighter of the russian invaders. The mechanism is quite interesting: move the lever on the front right to make the Ukrainian MiG-29 launch a missile that hits the enemy aircraft, which then spins in the air, simulating a fall. Thus, The Ghost of Kyiv protects the capital of Ukraine. The main historical sights of Kyiv are engraved on the model: St. Sophia Cathedral, a monument to Vladimir the Great and a monument to the founders of Kyiv: Kyi, Shchek, and Khoriv. On the model, not only the missile moves but also the clouds.

Each kit of the Age of Bravery series includes a bonus surprise: a Fidget Trident. This miniature model by Ugears is an original souvenir with its own mechanical action, and has a lug for hanging or for use as a stylish, patriotic keychain. The Trident is the coat of arms of Ukraine, a symbol of its strength, freedom, and indomitable spirit.

Our engineers and designers have made the Age of Bravery series models simple, with straightforward mechanisms. That’s why even beginners who have never done modeling before can assemble them.

The Ghost of Kyiv Attacks wooden model has 52 parts. It will take you no more than 30 minutes to build this interesting toy with its fascinating backstory. In the kit, you will find everything you need for assembly. No glue or other additional tools are needed. All parts are carefully laser cut on a plywood board, and can be removed with light pressure then connected together following illustrated, step-by-step instructions in 11 languages (English, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean). Assembly is simple and fun, and if any of the parts break we'll send you replacement parts for free!

Assemble The Ghost of Kyiv Attacks mechanical 3D puzzle and become part of the legend of the brave fighter pilot heroically defending his city against invaders. This model will be a fun entertainment for you, your friends, and family. It's also an original gift for anyone interested in modeling, history, and for those rooting for Ukraine to preserve its freedom and independence. Ukraine will win!