Arithmetic kit 2-in-1 educational mechanical model kit

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Product Description

Educational 3D puzzle Arithmetic kit by Ugears STEM Lab. Discover in AR

Assemble the Arithmetic Kit and discover how the Mechanical Addiator and Mechanical Multiplier work.

  • The model kit comes with a QR-code to the study guide about the mechanisms, the principal of their working, the main characteristics, formulas. It also includes interesting assignments.
  • Dive into augmented reality and look at how Mechanical Addiator and Mechanical Multiplier work. Interact with the models via a special AR application from Ugears.

UGEARS' Arithmetic Kit, part of UGEARS' STEM Lab collection, consists of two ready-to-assemble models: A Mechanical Addiator and a Mechanical Multiplier.

Find out how the Mechanical Addiator and Mechanical Multiplier work The Mechanical Addiator is a compact arithmetic machine (or adding machine) that works by moving gear racks, using a stylus included in the kit. By moving the sliding racks, marked with arrows and numbers from 0 to 9, you can add and subtract numbers.

The Mechanical Multiplier is a flat hinge mechanism that accomplishes binary operations on numbers. By moving the dual slider, you can multiply and square numbers from 1 to 12, making the multiplication table fun.

Addiator size:

  • in (21.5112.3 cm)

Multiplier size:

  • 9.8101.6 in (24.825.54 cm)

Package size:

  • in (20.518.86.3 cm)

  • Number of components: 117

  • Estimated time of assembly: 2.5 hours