Trumpeter PKTM03715 German Battleship Scharnhorst Model Kit

German Battleship Scharnhorst Model Kit
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Germany's most famous battleship and pride of the Kriegsmarine, the invincible, unsinkable, state of the art SCHARNHORST, was sunk by Allied Forces led by the Home Fleet flagship Duke of York during the Battle of the North Cape on Boxing Day 1943.

Early in WWII, in campaigns in the Atlantic and Norwegian seas, the fast and heavily armed SCHARNHORST sank the armed merchant cruiser Rawalpindi, aircraft carrier Glorious, and two escort destroyers Ardent and Acasta. Further Allied shipping was sunk by SCHARNHORST with sister ship GNEISENAU and others, and Russian supply convoys were targeted from the German battle group naval base close to the North Cape of Norway.

To counter the German attacks, intelligence [gathered during Anglo Free Norwegian 'Operation Venus' in September 1943; and from Bletchley Park where codebreakers deciphered encrypted enemy radio traffic sent between German Enigma machines] allowed the Allies to set a trap.

On Christmas Day 1943 SCHARNHORST and five escorts put to sea. Royal Navy formation Force 1, Operation FV, intercepted first with heavy cruiser Norfolk, light cruisers Belfast and Sheffield, fortified by Force 2 comprising battleship Duke of York, light cruiser Jamaica, destroyers Savage, Scorpion, Saumarez and Norwegian destroyer HNoMS Stord. Destroyers Musketeer, Matchless, Opportune and Virago completed the attack with a final torpedo volley from Jamaica. Pounded by 2,195 shells and 55 torpedoes, SCHARNHORST suffered catastrophic damage and sank at 19:45 hrs on December 26th 1943. 36 saved. [NF]

  • 25 sprues, hull, superstructure and decks
  • L: 1175mm W: 150mm
  • Total parts 1600+
  • 1:200 scale plastic model kit from Trumpeter, requires paint and glue