Train Tech TTSVP1 Servo Starter Pack W/Controller & 9g Micro Servo

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Product Description

cost control actuators which are ideal for animating layouts.

SVP1 makes it easy to control a servo in a number of different ways:

  • Train passing a Track Sensor moves the servo to defined positions

  • Mimic switch moves the servo to defined positions.

  • DCC Controller in loco mode - controls servo using the speed control.

  • DCC Controller in accessory mode - moves the servo to defined positions

The Servo Controller incorporates controller, decoder and power supply circuit and can be powered directly from 12-16V smooth DC or from the standard DCC track supply. The small SV1 has a 3 pin Servo connector to enable a standard servo to be plugged in, plus screw terminals to connect to DC or DCC power, Track Sensor and Mimic Switch.

SVP1 Pack Contains:

1 x SV1 Servo controller module

1 x Basic 9g micro servo