Train Tech TTSV1 Servo Controller For DC/DCC Systems

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Product Description

(Level crossing and servo not included)

The Servo Controller connects directly to most low power analogue radio control type servos. Servos are versatile low cost control actuators which are ideal for animating layouts.

SV1 makes it easy to control a servo in a number of ways:

  • Train passing a Track Sensor moves the servo to defined positions

  • Mimic switch moves the servo to defined positions

  • DCC Controller in loco mode - controls servo using the speed control

  • DCC Controller in accessory mode - moves the servo to defined positions

  • Manually use a potentiometer to control the servo (pot not supplied)

The Servo Controller incorporates controller, decoder and power supply circuit and can be powered directly from 12-16V smooth DC or from the standard DCC track supply. The small SV1 has a 3 pin Servo connector to enable a standard servo to be plugged in, plus screw terminals to connect to DC or DCC power, Track Sensor and Mimic Switch.