Train Tech TTST10 Track Sensor PLUS with LED

Track Sensor PLUS with LED
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Product Description

ST10 Track Sensor Plus The Track Sensor incorporates an infrared sensor which detects a train going over it and the output can be used to control and display occupancy for other products in the Layout Link Family - this new Plus version also has additional outputs for direct connection to LEDs and other non-Layout Link items and is supplied with an LED and comprehensive instructions. A Track Sensor is located next to the track and features a built in infrared sensor which senses a train passing and easily links to and controls a range of Layout Link products using just a single wire which plugs in - no soldering required. You can use a Track Sensor to: • Link to a Mimic Switch or Light to show trains passing or locations • Link to a Sensor Signal to change the following block section signal status • Control a Ground Position shunt signal to change as the train passes • Change a Semaphore signal automatically using the SC300 Dapol controller • Trigger the LC10 / LCN10 Level Crossing lights and sounds when a Train approaches New Track Sensor Plus features: Track Sensor plus features additional solder terminal outputs to link directly to devices such as LED (included), solid state relay, computers (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Arduino). The 4 additional outputs on the ST10 Plus version are: • Output as a train passes over sensor with occupancy when linked with other Track Sensors or Sensor Signals • Output pulses as train passes over sensor with occupancy when linked with other Track Sensors or Sensor Signals • Random flashes as train passes - like sparking from electric trains or a photographer • Turns on and off between alternate trains Power from 12v -16v Smooth DC or DCC White 3mm LED and comprehensive instruction booklet is included Note: The original ST1 Track Sensor has been superseded by this ST10 which does all ST1 functions plus 4 additional outputs for LED train, occupancy, spark effects etc Both ST1 and ST10 can be used together on your layout. N GAUGE MODELLERS Although the ST10 is designed to just clip or wire into OO/HO track, it can also be used with N Gauge track. The image above shows a small piece of sleeper cut away from the track to allow the sensor to sit near the rails.