Train Tech TTSS9L Sensor Signal (LH Feather) Multi 3 Aspect

Sensor Signal (LH Feather) Multi 3 Aspect
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Product Description

SS9L - 3 Multi Aspect Modern Single Lens Automatic Signal with Left Feather Fully assembled signal with built in sensor for OO/HO Now you can add automatic signalling to your layout in seconds with new Sensor Signals. A sensor is built into every signal so there is no wiring or extra circuit boards etc. Just clip or wire the signal into your track for fully automatic 2, 3 or 4 aspect signalling which works just like the real railway!

Best of all they work on both analogue DC as well as digital DCC and are fully Layout Link compatible, so easy to link Mimic lights and switches on a Mimic panel for control, signal display and train position indication with just a single wire! Quick and easy installation - everything is built into the signal!

  • Signal senses train and changes signal until train safely past
  • Links to other Sensor Signals with a single wire for fully automatic block signalling!
  • Fully built ready to use signal with sensor built into the base - no other circuits or wires!
  • Automatic function can be overidden by a Mimic switch or a DCC command.
  • Can link to Mimic light using a single wire to show occupancy & position on a control panel
  • On Analogue DC - wire to a regular 12-16V DC supply
  • On Digital DCC - just slide in or wire straight into track for automatic or DCC control
  • Feathers or theatre indicators can be controlled by DCC or Mimic switch, and if points are controlled by DCC can be made to light automatically by giving them the same address
  • Kit of detailing extra’s included - ladder, handrail, phone etc