Train Tech TTSC4 Dual Dapol Servo Semaphore Signal DCC Controller

Dual Dapol Servo Semaphore Signal DCC Controller
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Product Description

The SC400 is specifically designed to power and control the new Dapol Servo controlled signals which have three wire inputs for each signal. An SC400 can control one, two or a twin head (e.g. Bracket) servo signal and each can easily be assigned any DCC accessory address & run the two arms independently or together in Home-Distant pairs. It also incorporates a regulated power supply to provide a stable safe voltage for the signals from the standard DCC track supply. It has inputs for Track Sensors allowing the Semaphore Signals to operate automatically when trains are sensed on the track!

The SC400 is also Layout Link compatable and may be linked to Mimic Switches and Mimic Lights so that Dapol Semaphore signals can be controlled and monitored from a Mimic panel. The Track sensor and Mimic switch features can be used on analogue DC as well as digital DCC layouts.