Train Tech TTSC100 Automatic Colour Light Signal Controller

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Product Description

SC100 Automatic Colour Light Signal Controller Automatic Signal Controller to convert existing LED Colour Light Signals to Automatic The Colour Light Automatic Signal controller is based on our Sensor Signal technology and enables standard LED colour light signals to be wired and controlled automatically. It will operate 2, 3 or 4 aspect colour light signals and also includes an output to control a feather or theatre route indicator using a Mimic switch or DCC.

• Control standard LED colour light signals automatically   • 2, 3 and 4 aspect plus feather / theatre route output • Link to other SC100 and sensor signals for block signal working   • Manual override facility using Mimic Switch or DCC   • Slides directly into some OO track when used on DCC  • Or locate and wire for 12-16V smooth DC or DCC The SC100 is ideal for converting existing LED colour signals to automatic operation, signal gantries, remotely located signals and controlling continental or other non Train-Tech designed signals. Like Sensor Signals, the Automatic Signal Controller can be used on its own or linked to other controllers or Sensor Signals using just one wire to enable fully automatic Block Signalling. The output connection terminals are designed for soldering to the signal wires. N GAUGE MODELLERS Although the SC100 is specifically designed to just clip or wire into OO/HO track, it can also be used with N Gauge track and connect to N gauge Signals.