Train Tech TTDS10R DCC Signal (RH Feather) Multi 4 Aspect

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Product Description

4 Aspect Multi modern signal with One Touch OO/HO DCC Signal with right hand feather which shows point position if set to same address as point.

Fully assembled signal with head, aluminium mast and electronics fitted inside base Modern railways have multi aspect signals where a single lens (SS9) can display red,yellow or green and a 4 aspect dual lens version (SS10) which can also display double yellows.

Train-Tech offers both types with the DCC decoder pre-fitted and like all other DCC signals is easy to control using a DCC address of your choice. Unique One-Touch DCC™ setting up - NO programming of CV codes etc! Wire-Free - can clip straight into standard Hornby or Bachmann fixed track Or simple 2 wire connection by removing clip and just connect 2 wires to track Includes Detailing pack to customise signal adding hand rails, phone, post symbol etc Works with most controllers with accessory control including Dynamis, Select, Elite, Prodigy Advance etc Each can work independently or mirror another - ideal for home & distant signals!

Realistic transparent lens style lamps with small decay - just like the real thing! Designed and manufactured in Great Britain One-Touch DCC™ is a brand new way of instantly controlling your new signals or accessories - NO programming CV codes etc.