Train Tech TTCL200 Automatic Coach Lighting Multipack - Warm White A (3)

Automatic Coach Lighting Multipack - Warm White A (3)
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Product Description

Instant easy lighting for any coach.

Easy to fit in seconds, no wiring No switch, turns on automatically as train moves No pickups, works with regular DC or DCC Traditional warm white or modern cool white Lights stay bright and constant with no flickering Fits most OO/HO Coaches Each lighting strip is completely self contained with a built in long life battery and five efficient LED lamps which can light the oldest Gresley to the latest Pendolino. There is no need for any switch because the strip incorporates a small sensor which detects when the train moves and turns the lights on automatically. The lights stay on while the train is in motion, then after it stops keeping the lights on for a few minutes before turning them off so that temporary stops at stations or signals leaves the coach lit.

As well as the standard lighting strips, there are also dual function versions with an additional effect which also work automatically and come complete with LEDs for the extra effect and which plug straight into the coach lighting strip so no wires or soldering.

Pack Contents: 2 x CL2 Lighting Strips(220mm) 1 x CL22 Lighting Strips(220mm) 3 x Cell Battery (20mm)