Train Tech TTBL1-10 Buffer Light - Bulk Pack of 10

Buffer Light - Bulk Pack of 10
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Product Description

These buffer stop lights offer a quick and simple option to add lighting to your sidings. Ideal for terminus stations, goods yards and modern locomotive depots. These lights are fitted with small contacts which touch the inside of the rails to pick up the power. With a slight twist the lights are held in place with no soldering required. The stems are fitted with two LEDs which operate in different ways depending on if the layout is DC or DCC.

  • For DCC railways the LEDs remain constantly on no matter which direction the locomotive is travelling.
  • For DC railways the lights rely on the polarity of the track. if the locomotive is running towards the Light the TOP LED will be illuminated and if the locomotive is pulling away the BOTTOM LED will be illuminated. Features:
  • DC or DCC Compatible
  • Easy To Install
  • No Soldering Required