Train Tech TTAL4 Automatic Lighting Effects - Modern 2 Flash Tail Light

Automatic Lighting Effects - Modern 2 Flash Tail Light
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Product Description

his module adds a flashing red lantern as seen on the rear of most modern trains - self contained and easy to fit with no wires, switch or pickups needed. This AL4 version is similar to the established AL1 but has a slightly faster flash rate at 2 flashes per second which is authentic to the 'Dorman' type LED tail lamps in current use on the modern railway. As developed for the 'Oak Road' layout by Mike Buick raising awareness for Meningitis. This easy fit flashing tail light module can be fitted into any wagon or coach. It does not require pick-ups from the track or an on-off switch as it run for hundreds of hours on a small battery and automatically switch on when the wagon or coach moves and switches off a few minutes after it stops! 2 LED lights are supplied in the set which never need replacing and look like a very realistic lantern on the back of a wagon or coach.

OO/HO/O/G Gauge modellers: Module easily fits straight into most OO/HO gauge and larger scales

  • The AL modules are fitted in minutes by just drilling 2 small holes for the Lantern style LED (supplied) which then just plugs into the module. Just clip in the small regular button battery (also supplied) and replace the roof!
  • Fit to brake vans, coaches, wagons etc in a few minutes
  • Lantern style LED supplied in each kit and just plugs into module - NO SOLDERING!
  • Runs for ages on standard button battery (supplied)
  • Module is 13mm x 11mm (+ battery size)
  • Choose from Hi or Low brightness
  • Built in movement sensor detects motion and turns LED on Automatically!
  • Automatically turns off 4 minutes after last movement
  • Set includes module, 2 Lantern style LEDs and Battery