Kestrel GMKD84 Traditional Dustbins 10pcs (Pre-Built)

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Product Description

This style of bin is commonplace in the world today. Although these bins have been majoritively replaced by plastic versions in more recent years, there are still many metal dustbins out there, although now usually found in a more dilapidated state.

This style was used for many years and it was common to see them all lined up in the front gardens of terrace houses up and down the country, and hidden in porches, sheds, and varying locations around domestic and corporate premises.

This pack contains ten 3D printed traditional dustbins made from photopolymer resin. They are pre-painted and can be planted onto your models straight from the pack.


  • ERA Steam, Diesel, and Modern
  • PAINT FINISH Pristine


  • LENGTH 3mm
  • DEPTH 3mm
  • HEIGHT 5mm