Thomas the Tank Range 24030 Percy and the Troublesome Trucks Train Set

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Product Description

UK Plug included with the set

This model is not currently suitable for our DCC decoder fitting service.

The Troublesome Trucks are needed for a hauling job, and Percy is there to make sure the work gets done without the trucks causing too much mischief! This ready-to-run electric train set comes complete with Percy the Small Engine, Troublesome Truck #1, Troublesome Truck #2, and a 24" circle of nickel silver E-Z Track®.

This ready-to-run train set includes:

  • Percy the Small Engine
  • Troublesome Truck #1 with Rapido-style couplers
  • Troublesome Truck #2 with Rapido-style couplers
  • 24" circle of nickel silver E-Z Track® including 11 pieces of curved track and 1 curved plug-in terminal rerailer
  • power pack and speed controller
  • illustrated instruction manual