Tamiya 35288 1/35 WWII French Infantry Kit

1/35 WWII French Infantry Kit
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Product Description

Image shows assembled and painted models.

French Soldiers on the Front Line

  • Highly-detailed 1/35 scale assembly kit set of six French infantry figures plus accessories.
  • Comes with 4 riflemen figures, 1 machine gunner figure, and 1 commander figure, all in realistic
    combat poses.
  • French army uniforms, helmets, equipment, and weapons have been painstakingly researched
    for the utmost accuracy.
  • In addition to the figure parts, set includes 2 sprues of the following weapons and accessories:
  • MAS-36 Rifle x2
  • MLE 24/29 Light Machine Gun x1
  • Helmet x3
  • Machine Gun Bipod (Deployed) x1
  • Gas Mask Bag x3
  • Machine Gun Bipod (Retracted) x1
  • Canteen x3
  • Ammunition Pouch x4
  • Holster x1
  • Binocular Case x1
  • Kepi x1
  • Map Case x1

About the Uniform

In the early stages of WWII, the French soldiers wore M1920/35 khaki field uniform provided from 1935, and many soldiers also wore a M1938 overcoat. Noncommissioned officers were equipped with the M1932 overcoat and leather leggings. When not in combat, all ranks wore the kepi helmet.