Studio Scotland Ltd BMR DVD 3 Building a Model Railway Part 3 "The World of Modelling"

Building a Model Railway Part 3 "The World of Modelling"
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Stepping back to see the broader model railway hobby in its many forms, Part 3 charges full steam ahead into modelling for exhibition, behind-the-scenes at one of the UK’s largest model railway shows, a wide range of railway scales including 7¼ and much more.

As a perfect complement to DVDs 1 & 2, Building a Model Railway 3 looks at the hobby from the manufacturers’ perspective, what it is like being a member of a club along with helpful suggestions for showing your a railway layout at the many exhibition events throughout the year. Join us as we travel throughout the UK and abroad to see & hear some truly inspiring model layouts – all with a story to tell. Grab your copy now and get on board for an electrifying journey in the world of modelling.