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  • 7L-003-003
  • Dapol
  • O Gauge Scale
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Product Description

Developed in conjunction with Dapol’s other N, OO & O Gauge signal range, new Southern signals have now been designed and this time for O scale modellers. Initially, three signal types are being produced, southern lattice signal, southern ladder signal and a southern lattice starter signal. The detailing on all three is extremely fine and of exceptional quality.

All three versions of the Southern signals will utilise Dapol’s tried and tested Servo actuation system. Each signal will come with the servo mechanism/control box, switch and signal super structure in the box and a set of installation instructions, everything you need to make it work (excluding power supply).

Depending on the size of your layout or the position of your control centre in relation to your signal(s) you may wish to purchase some separately supplied 2m extension cables (DAP-4A-000-014).


  • Accurately modelled super structure with many separately applied details
  • Arm bounce when the signal is operated
  • Easy install plug and play system with extension cables available separately
  • Servo motor operation


  • ITEM NUMBER 7L-003-003
  • SIGNAL DESIGN Ladder Semaphore