Soundtraxx 882102 ECO-200 Econami Sound Decoder, 2 Amp, UK Diesel Locomotives

ECO-200 Econami Sound Decoder, 2 Amp, UK Diesel Locomotives
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Product Description

ECO-200 for UK Diesel P.N. 882102

  • 35mm x 18mm x 6mm
  • 2A Motor Stall Current
  • Over 40 Sound Effects
  • 6 Outputs for 20 Hyperlight Effects
  • Hyperdrive2 Advanced Motor Control
  • Operates on DCC and DC Layouts


The UK Econami ECO-200 Digital Sound Decoder (DSD) combines high-quality digital onboard sound and the benefits of today's Digital Command Control (DCC) technology.


  • Compatible with NMRA DCC Standards & RPs
  • 28-Function Support, plus directional and E-Stop functions
  • Flex-Map Function Mapping
  • High-Quality 16-Bit Sound
  • 6 Outputs with 20 Selectable Hyperlight Effects
  • STandard, 3-Point, and User-Loadable Speed Curves
  • Function-Activated Brake with Synchronised Sound Effect
  • 7-Band Equaliser


  • Motor Stall Current: 2A Maximum
  • Function Current: 100mA each
  • Audio Amplifier: 2W, 8-Ohm Load
  • DCC Track Voltage: 7.5V - 22V


6 UK Prime Movers, Startup, Shutdown, and multiple Exhaust Notches; 10 Airhorns, 2 Compressors, 4 Couplers with Buffers, Dynamic Brake, Radiator Fans, and more!