Sonic Models S2303-04 Newton Chambers Car Transporter BR Motorail BR Blue/Grey TCV E96290/297/298E - Pack 1

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Sonic Models N Gauge Newton Chambers Car Transporter 3 Car Set

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  • Fully detailed prototypical bodies including original and later style roof sky lights
  • NEM Couplings combined with a kinematic close coupling system
  • Ends with buffer beam original detail and later ETH equipment
  • Correct size RP 25 profile bogie wheels
  • Livery schemes for BR Maroon and BR Blue Grey
  • Models supplied in sets of three in a bespoke box


Originally designated as TCVs, the vehicles later became NVV (vacuum braked) and NVX (dual braked) under BR’s TOPS computer system. Unusually, they featured a hydraulically operated central well capable of storing two cars as well as four cars on the upper deck – a 50% increase in capacity over more conventional car carrying vehicles of the time.

When introduced in the early-1960s, the TCV car transporters were used between London, York and Edinburgh in sets of five or six vehicles with a handful of BR maroon Mk1 coaches, hauled by ex-LNER ‘Pacifics’ and later BR green ‘Deltics’, Class 40s, 45s, 46s or 47s. From the late-1960s onwards, they were painted in BR blue/grey and started to venture further afield on ‘Motorail’ services from London and northern England to the West of England, being hauled by Class 45s, 46s, 47s and ‘Westerns’. However, they were closely associated with the East Coast Main Line throughout their career.


  • CLASS Car Carrier
  • RUNNING NUMBER E96290/297/298E
  • LIVERY Blue/Grey