Smart Tech Sound Danger Crossing

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Product Description

Watch out, there’s danger about! Take your toy trains on a railway adventure with the 33965 Smart Tech Sound Danger Crossing. This mountainous railway crossing features linked gates that move up and down together just like a real railway crossing. To add to the treacherous feeling, the crossing also features a cracked track which causes trains to wobble as they pass on through.

Smart features: When used with the interactive 33971 Record & Play Engine (not included), it can tell if the safety gates are up or down using Smart Tech Sound technology. If they’re up, the engine will come to a stop and warn others of its arrival with blinking red lights and a honking horn. Once the railway crossing gates are lowered, the train will automatically signal its departure with green lights and carefully continue its journey as it crosses the cracked tracks. But take note of your surroundings whilst you’re traveling on board, the Danger Action Tunnel adds an extra element of play and excitement with dangerous environmental sounds like rockslides and earthquakes. Connect the Record & Play engine to the Smart Tech Sound App to customise the sounds of both the Danger Crossing and Action Tunnel. You can even record your own sounds and create a whole new story of your own.

The Smart Tech Sound Danger Crossing is best used with the 33971 Record & Play Engine (not included) to get the full sound experience but can be used with any train or vehicle in BRIO World.

This item includes:

  • 1x danger crossing
  • 1x danger action tunnel
  • 1x falling rocks sign
  • 2x ramp tracks

Measures 26 x 17.8 x 6cm

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