Scenecraft 44-0215 Low Relief Terrace Courtyard Entrance

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Product Description

Terraced houses are common through much of the UK and these Low Relief models from Scenecraft make it easy to incorporate this familiar sight into minimal space, as a backdrop to any layout or diorama. This Terrace Courtyard Entrance model is designed to fit between two of the Low Relief Terrace models from the Scenecraft range, in order to provide access to the yards and gardens behind the houses.


  • OO scale
  • Low Relief
  • Highly detailed, hand painted model
  • Fully decorated and ready to place on your layout
  • Etched metal window frames with realistic glazing - making it perfect for use with Woodland Scenics JustPlug lighting
  • Dimensions: 27mm (W) x 32mm (L) x 122mm (H)