Scenecraft 44-0212G Low Relief Raised Office Green

Low Relief Raised Office Green
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Product Description

Many towns and cities began to feature buildings of modernistic design from the mid-20th century onwards, with Raised Office blocks allowing for efficient use of space while still allowing access to the areas behind the building. Buildings of this style have been used not just as offices, but also as hospitals, restaurants, department stores, transport hubs and even converted to residential apartments. This Scenecraft model with green highlights could therefore be used for a variety of purposes on your layout. The nameboard Wm. C. Boggs & Son is sure to add a little character to any setting.




  • OO Scale
  • Highly detailed, hand painted model
  • Fully decorated and ready to place on your layout
  • Etched metal window frames with realistic glazing - making it perfect for use with Woodland Scenics JustPlug lighting