Scenecraft 44-0115 Lucston Signal Box

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Product Description

Signalling is an essential lineside feature of any railway operation, large or small, and the Signal Box forms an important part of that. Some are frantic places with bells ringing and levers clattering, others give their occupants a place to sit and read the paper in front of the fire and listen to the birdsong whilst they wait for the next train to arrive.
Lucston Signal Box is a classic British design of brick and timber construction featuring a slate roof, still found across the country today.


  • OO scale
  • Highly detailed, hand painted model
  • Fully decorated and ready to place on your layout
  • Etched metal window frames with realistic glazing - making it perfect for use with Woodland Scenics JustPlug lighting
  • Measurements: 56.5mm (W) x 83mm (L) x 87 mm (H) (see image for more detailed measurements)