Revolution Trains RT-N59-FL-203DCC Class 59 59203 Freightliner livery Diesel Locomotive - DCC Sound

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An N gauge (1:148) model of a 59/2 in Freightliner livery.  By the early 1990s, National Power had ordered a single 59 to run on their coal and limestone delivery trains to their power stations – 59201 arrived in early 1994 followed by 5 more 59/2s in mid-1995.  The 59/2s continued to see more variations from the 59/0s and 59/1s that they were derived from with changes to many details (see below) – the 59/2s retained the 59/1 style of headlights, but there were changes to the chassis/solebars.

With the transfer of the Mendip Rail contract from DB to Freightliner in 2019, DB took the decision to sell the 59/2s to Freightliner so all the 59s except 59003 are now owned by Freightliner. In 2020, 59203 and 59206 were repainted into Freightliner’s orange (Genesee & Wyoming – Freightliner’s owner) livery.

The 59/2s (like all the 59s) have a large number of detail variations which we have faithfully captured in our model:

  • revised handrails and door handles
  • revised lashing loops on the solebars
  • drop head knuckle couplers
  • change to the cooling pipes and fire extinguisher arrangements (bright red extinguisher bottles as part of the solebar)

All of our 59 models will feature the following standard features:

  • Next generation heavy, diecast chassis with smooth running, low friction and low geared design (weight 105g+)
  • Highly detailed injection moulded body with photo-etched and wire details and separate plastic parts
  • Lift off, easy-access central body section (as per the prototype!) to allow access to the
  • decoder socket and switches
  • Prototype body detail variations eg headlight differences, NRN pod locations, cab handrail recesses, cab door handles, roof hatches, exhausts, and accurate chassis variation including variations in cooler pipes, lashing loops and fire extinguishers
  • Separate (not solid) angled struts connecting body to chassis to allow distinctive see-through appearance of prototype
  • Buffer beam detailing: one end super-detailed with solid air dam, air pipes and cosmetic coupler all fitted. Alternative solid air dam supplied for coupler end, and open air dam for those wishing to couple at both ends
  • Working accurate headlights including working marker lights. Lights switchable using easy to access microswitches or with DCC
  • New Next 28 (ESU E24) decoder socket – to give increased, accurate lighting functionality – please see Revolutions article/video for full details:
  • Fine wheels to NMRA RP25 standards
  • Body-mounted, kinematic close couplers with NEM coupler sockets