Revell 63129 Model Set Tiger II Ausf. B (1:72 Scale) Model Kit

Model Set Tiger II Ausf. B (1:72 Scale) Model Kit
Model Set Tiger II Ausf. B (1:72 Scale) Model Kit
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Product Description

Welcome to a journey into the fascinating world of military history with our exquisite model kit of the Tiger II "King Tiger". This masterful model brings to life the imposing presence and impressive history of this 1943 tank. The King Tiger was not only a technical masterpiece, but also a legend on the battlefields of World War II. Immerse yourself in a world of precision and attention to detail that will inspire you.

Scope of delivery:

  • Highly detailed parts for precise replica of the Tiger II "King Tiger"
  • Rotating turret with height-adjustable cannon for dynamic display
  • Realistic injection molded chain for an authentic appearance
  • Optional open turret hatches for added realism
  • Selection of authentic versions: Schw. Pzabteilung 503 (Eastern Front, October 1944) and Schw. Pzabteilung 506 (Western Front, March 1945)
  • Basic paints, glue and brushes included for an optimal start
  • Possibility of customization, Zimmerit anti-mine coating not included

This model kit appeals to both beginners and experienced model building enthusiasts. Whether you are just diving into the world of model building or already have many models in your collection, the Tiger II "King Tiger" will satisfy your passion for precise and realistic model design. This model is perfect for exhibitions, historical play or as a jewel in your collection.

Our model kit is characterized by an innovative tool shape that offers the finest surface details. You will have the ability to rotate the turret and aim the cannon at different heights to add a dynamic touch to your model. The included injection molding chain ensures an authentic look, while the optional open turret hatches increase the realism. Please note that Zimmerit anti-mine coating is not included to give you the freedom to implement your own design.

Background information:
The Tiger II "King Tiger" was a symbol of strength and technical superiority in World War II. Developed in 1943, it combined armor protection and firepower in an extraordinary way. Its massive frontal armor of up to 150 mm defied enemy fire and its presence on the battlefield was impressive. Although not all 492 units produced reached the front, the King Tiger remains a fascinating chapter in the history of tank warfare.