Revell 39622 Acrylic 'Aqua' Colour Basic (25ml)

Acrylic 'Aqua' Colour Basic (25ml)
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Product Description

Aqua Colour Basic: The perfect primer for a flawless colour finish - 25ml

Aqua Colour Basic is a high-quality primer paint that was specially developed for the optimal preparation of your models and projects before the actual paint application. The 25ml bottle contains a ready-to-spray primer that is ideal for use with an airbrush gun.

Using Aqua Colour Basic offers numerous advantages:

  1. Perfect base: After filling and sanding, the primer ensures an even, well-adhering surface, which makes applying paint easier and improves the colour result.
  2. Optimal coverage: Lighter colours can be easily applied to dark surfaces if the surface has previously been primed with Aqua Colour Basic.
  3. Compatibility: The primer is specifically designed for use with shades from the Revell Aqua Colour range, ensuring excellent adhesion and a professional result.

How to use Aqua Colour Basic:

  1. Shake the bottle thoroughly before use.
  2. Fill the ready-to-spray primer into your airbrush gun.
  3. Apply the primer evenly and in thin layers to the surface to be worked.
  4. Allow the primer to dry completely before proceeding with paint application.

Aqua Colour Basic is an essential product for model makers, DIY enthusiasts and hobby artists who value a professional and flawless colour finish. Order your 25ml bottle of Aqua Colour Basic now and prepare your projects optimally for colour application!