Revell 39621 Acrylic 'Aqua' Colour Mix (100ml)

Acrylic 'Aqua' Colour Mix (100ml)
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Product Description

Aqua Colour Mix: The optimal thinner and drying retarder for perfect spray results - 100ml

Revell Aqua Colour Mix is ​​an innovative combination of thinner and drying retarder, specially developed for use with Revell Aqua Colour paints. This 100ml product offers you an excellent opportunity to optimally prepare your colours for use in an airbrush gun and at the same time prevent the paint from drying quickly in the gun and on the model.

The advantages of Aqua Colour Mix at a glance:

  1. Optimal dilution: Aqua Colour Mix enables an ideal mixing ratio for even colour distribution and perfect spraying results.
  2. Drying delay: The paint drying is delayed so that the paint in the spray gun and on the surface does not dry too quickly.
  3. Improved spray results: Using Aqua Colour Mix reduces unwanted edge alignment, especially with matt and semi-matt colours.

Application of Aqua Colour Mix:

  1. Mix 3-4 parts Revell Aqua Colour paint with 1 part Aqua Colour Mix in a suitable container.
  2. Make sure that the mixing ratio depends on the spray gun used and the working pressure of the compressor. Therefore, start with a lower dilution and test the colour.
  3. If the spray gun spits or the paint on the model dries too quickly (rough surface), continue diluting the paint until the desired result is achieved.
  4. Pour the diluted paint into the airbrush gun and apply it to the model in even layers.

Revell Aqua Colour Mix is ​​the ideal solution for all model makers, artists and DIY enthusiasts who work with Revell Aqua Colour colours and want to achieve professional spray results. The 100ml bottle offers enough content for numerous applications and ensures optimal colour processing. Order your Aqua Colour Mix now and experience the benefits of this thinner and drying retarder!