39608 Revell "Contacta Professional Mini" Glue - 12.5g

Revell "Contacta Professional Mini" Glue - 12.5g
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Product Description

Revell Contacta Professional Mini - The precise liquid adhesive for delicate bonds and the smallest details in model making

Revell Contacta Professional Mini is the ideal liquid adhesive for all model makers who value maximum precision and accuracy. Its special formula enables quick and secure bonding of the smallest details and transparent part edges. The needle-fine cannula ensures precise bonding and enables subsequent adhesive applications if necessary.

The special properties of Revell Contacta Professional Mini at a glance:

  1. Plastic welding effect: The unique formula of the adhesive easily dissolves the plastic, creating a particularly strong and lasting connection - perfect for demanding model making.

  2. Liquid Consistency: The liquid consistency of the adhesive allows for precise application and ensures that the adhesive works exactly where it is needed.

  3. Quick-drying: Revell Contacta Professional Mini dries quickly, so you can continue working quickly without long waiting times.

  4. Needle-fine cannula: The extremely fine cannula enables precise gluing, even on tiny details and on the edges of transparent parts.

  5. Suitable for bonding small parts: This adhesive has been specially developed for bonding delicate and smallest components, making it ideal for demanding model building projects.

  6. Subsequent adhesive application possible: The precise cannula allows additional adhesive to be applied if necessary without affecting the surrounding parts.

Revell Contacta Professional Mini is the perfect choice for model makers who value maximum precision and reliability. With this liquid adhesive you can achieve impressive results when bonding delicate and smallest components.


Danger! Only for children over 8 years old. Use under adult supervision. Flammable. Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness.