Revell 05677 Top Gun Movie Gift Set (1:72 Scale) Model Kit

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Product Description

Are you an airplane lover and looking for a model kit that reflects your passion for the legendary fighter planes from the movie “Top Gun”? Then the Top Gun 2 Movie Set is just right for you! The set includes detailed model kits of the F-14D Super Tomcat and F/A-18E Super Hornet in 1:72 scale.

Whether you're an experienced modeler or a beginner, this set will help you hone your crafting skills and create your own Top Gun fleet. The models are ideal for aircraft enthusiasts, collectors and anyone who enjoys creating things with their own hands.

The Super Tomcat was flown by Pete "Maverick" Mitchell in the first Top Gun film, while the Super Hornet is the focus of the new sequel, Top Gun: Maverick. With the detailed cockpits, the various external loads such as tanks and missiles as well as the detailed landing gear, you can realistically recreate your favorite aircraft from the film. The included decals with decor from both films complete the authentic flight experience.

Features of the Top Gun 2 Movie Set:

  • Realistic models of the F-14D Super Tomcat and F/A-18E Super Hornet
  • Detailed cockpits and landing gear
  • Various external loads such as tanks and guided missiles
  • Decals with decals from both “Top Gun” films
  • Includes everything you need to build the models (paints, brushes, glue, etc.)

Background information:
The “Top Gun” franchise has achieved cult status since its release in 1986. The story follows a group of young naval aviators who attend the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School to become the best fighter pilots in the world. The film was praised for its spectacular aerial shots and its depiction of the pilots' jet-set lifestyle. The sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, was released in 2021 and captures the legacy of the original film while introducing new characters and an updated storyline.

DANGER. Not suitable for children under 8 years. Solvent-based glue (12.5 g) and water-soluble paints included. Glue bottle with functional, sharp tip! Flammable liquid and vapor. May cause drowsiness and dizziness. Store under lock and key. Dispose of in accordance with local/regional/national/international regulations. Use under adult supervision. Read and follow the instructions with your child before use and keep them ready for reference. Contains: n-Butyl Acetate CAS 123-86-4