Revell 05649 German Eurofighter Pacific Exclusive Edition (1:72 Scale) Model Kit

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Product Description

Masterful replica: Experience the Eurofighter Typhoon model kit in perfection!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of aviation with our exquisite Eurofighter Typhoon model kit. This detailed 1:72 scale kit will make the heart of every model building enthusiast beat faster. With a precise number of parts of 130 and realistic dimensions of 22.2 cm long and 15.5 cm wingspan, this kit brings the mighty Eurofighter Typhoon to life in its full glory. Suitable for ages 14 and up.

Scope of delivery:

  • Detailed model kit of the Eurofighter Typhoon in 1:72 scale
  • 130 precisely molded plastic parts for an authentic replica
  • Additional PE parts for the finest details and realism
  • Exclusive illustrated book with exciting insights into the history and technology of the Eurofighter Typhoon
  • Trading card and impressive poster for your collection or exhibition
  • Elaborate decal set for the distinctive Pacific paintwork
  • Simple, understandable building instructions for model building enthusiasts of all experience levels

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert, this kit is for anyone who shares a passion for precise model design. It is perfect for exhibitions, where it attracts the attention of visitors, or for exciting game scenarios. Collectors will appreciate the exclusive design and be pleased with the high-quality workmanship.

Our model kit of the Eurofighter Typhoon impresses with innovative construction techniques that enable an authentic replica with astonishing accuracy. The included PE parts allow you to meticulously display even the finest details. The Pacific paintwork is an eye-catcher for connoisseurs and collectors alike. And don't forget the accompanying illustrated book, which offers you a comprehensive insight into the history and technology of the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Background information:

A true icon of modern aviation, the Eurofighter Typhoon embodies power, precision and technology at the highest level. Originally developed as a versatile air superiority and close combat fighter jet, over the years it has evolved into a symbol of engineering and military excellence. Experience the fascination of this aircraft through the masterful replica of our model kit and be inspired by its history.