Revell 04544 Space Shuttle "Atlantis" (1:144 Scale) Model Kit

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Product Description

Space Shuttle Atlantis 1:144

The 1:144 scale Space Shuttle Atlantis brings space directly into your home. With 64 detailed parts and a length of 252 mm and a wingspan of 167 mm, you can assemble a piece of space history yourself. Recommended for model building fans aged 10 and over, this kit of NASA's only reusable space transport system in the world is a real highlight.

Scope of delivery:

  • Space Shuttle Atlantis kit
  • Textured surfaces
  • Replica of the tile structure
  • An astronaut figure
  • Cargo compartment doors (can be opened optionally)
  • Landing gear (can be built either retracted or extended)
  • ESA space laboratory
  • Shaft lock
  • Space telescope
  • Transport arm (loading arm)
  • Thrusters
  • Super decal with maintenance markings and identifiers
  • Construction instructions and decal

With level 4, this kit is particularly suitable for advanced model makers who have already gained experience in gluing and painting. The lovingly designed details and the variety of parts offer hours of crafting fun and an authentic result.

Special features:

The kit is characterized by a detailed replica of the tile structure, which reflects the uniqueness of the Space Shuttle. With the included astronaut figure, the ESA space laboratory and the space telescope, the kit offers additional extras that make your model a real eye-catcher. The super decals allow you to depict various space shuttles such as pre-1998 Discovery, Enterprise, Endeavor and Atlantis or post-1998 Atlantis, Discovery and Endeavor.

Background information:

The Space Shuttle, developed by NASA, revolutionized space travel with its reusable design. The shuttle system could carry up to 7 astronauts and a payload of 24.5 tons into Earth orbit. The Atlantis has been in use on 35 missions since October 3, 1985 and has made a significant contribution to the history of space travel. In 2012, the legendary shuttle program was discontinued after over 30 successful years. With this kit you can take a piece of this impressive history into your own hands and recreate it for space enthusiasts and fans.