Revell 04218 Airbus A380 Design New Livery "First Flight" (1:144 Scale) Model Kit

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Product Description

Airbus A380 New Livery - scale 1:144

Ready for one of the most fascinating challenges in model building? The Airbus A380 New Livery in 1:144 scale leaves nothing to be desired for model building fans. Consisting of 163 precise parts, with a span of 555mm and a length of 504mm, this model is the ultimate project for enthusiasts who strive for perfection. Thanks to the recommended age of 10+ years, this Level 5 model is aimed specifically at experienced model builders who have in-depth knowledge and skills in model building.

Scope of delivery:

  • Airbus A380 New Livery kit
  • Detailed construction instructions
  • High quality decal with Airbus decor

Special features:

  • Textured surfaces and recessed sheet metal joints offer an authentic look.
  • A detailed chassis, 22 finely crafted wheels and four RR Trent 900 engines give the model realism.
  • The imitation of the cockpit and the separate paneling of the steering machines show the attention to detail.
  • The model has separate antennas and a great decal with the new Airbus decor.

Level 5 stands for complex kits designed for experienced model builders. These models require in-depth knowledge and skills. They are characterized by a high number of parts, many details and often sophisticated painting and decoration. Level 5 is ideal for model building enthusiasts looking for an intense and challenging building experience.

Background information:

The Airbus A380, introduced in 2005, is not only the world's first continuous double-deck aircraft, but also a symbol of technological progress and innovation in the aviation industry. With its launch, Airbus not only presented an impressive aircraft, but also a new colour design that underlines the brand's modern and future-oriented approach. The A380 has impressed the aviation world since its launch, be it with its impressive take-off weight or its seamless entry into service.