Revell 3892 Tornado GR Mk.1 RAF "Gulf War" Model Kit

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Product Description

Make history tangible with the Tornado GR Mk.1 RAF Gulf War model kit - Excellent details for an authentic building experience!

Delve into the rich aviation heritage with our Tornado GR Mk.1 RAF Gulf War model kit. At 1:32 scale and 280 parts in total, this kit provides a detailed replica of the famous swing-wing fighter aircraft used by the RAF during the 1991 Gulf War. With a length of 551mm and a wingspan of 440mm, this model is an impressive sight in any collection. For modelers aged 13 and over, this kit represents a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of military aviation.

Scope of delivery:
The Tornado GR Mk.1 RAF Gulf War model kit comes with an extensive set, including 4 multi-function bombs, 2 laser-guided bombs, an ECM container (Sky Shadow), 2 Hindenburger additional tanks, a detailed cockpit with ejection seats, a radar section, detailed landing gear, movable pivoting wings and stabilizers as well as an aerial refueling probe. The set is complemented by illustrated, multilingual construction instructions and decals to authenticate your version of the Tornado GR1.

years who have an interest in military aviation. Whether for display, play or expanding a collection, the Tornado GR Mk.1 RAF Gulf War model kit offers a rich and fulfilling building experience.

Our Tornado GR Mk.1 RAF Gulf War model kit features realistic design and highly detailed parts. Special features include the movable pivot wings and stabilizers, which provide a dynamic insight into the unique design of this fighter aircraft. The kit also allows representation of two different versions of the Tornado GR1 that were used during the 1991 Gulf War.

Background information:
The Tornado GR.1 is a swing-wing fighter aircraft designed specifically for ground attack targets. This remarkable aircraft was used by the RAF during the 1991 Gulf War and played an important role in military operations. With our model kit you have the opportunity to recreate this historic machine in all its details and experience a piece of aviation history at home!

  • Scale: 1:32
  • Age recommendation: 13+
  • Number of parts: 280
  • Length: 551mm
  • Span: 440mm