Revell 03845 Italian Breguet Atlantic 1 Italian Eagle (1:72 Scale) Model Kit

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Product Description

Model replica of the Atlantic 1. For almost 45 years, the Breguet Atlantic was in service as a maritime patrol aircraft in the Italian Navy.

One of the 41 ° Stormo machines was particularly spectacular, with a huge eagle stretching over the entire fuselage of the aircraft.

Key Features...

  • Detailed Cockpit with side panels
  • Front observer room with seat
  • Detailed main landing gear
  • Engine exhaust pipe
  • Detailed engine cowlings
  • Detailed torpedo room
  • Gun bay doors optionally open
  • Access hatch with ladder
  • Separate radome for the search radar
  • Super decal with the special paint of the 41 ° Stormo


  • SCALE 1:72
  • LENGTH 442mm
  • WIDTH 521mm
  • NO' OF PARTS 232
  • ERA Modern