Revell 03810 French Alpha Jet 50th Anniversary Triple Set (1:144 Scale) Model Kit

French Alpha Jet 50th Anniversary Triple Set (1:144 Scale) Model Kit
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Product Description

Celebrate 50 years of aviation history with the Alpha Jet anniversary model kit - three kits in one for triple the fun!

With our 50th Anniversary Alpha Jet model kit you can recreate half a century of aviation history at home. Each of the three kits in this gift set includes 126 1:144 scale pieces to build a detailed model of the Alpha Jet. With a length of 85mm and a wingspan of 65mm, each model is a perfect miniature of the original. Ideal for modelers ages 10 and up, this set will provide hours of creative fun.

Scope of delivery:
This set contains three complete Alpha Jet model kits, including detailed surfaces and recessed panel joints. You have the choice of displaying the landing gear retracted or extended and two wing tanks are included with each model. With this set you have everything you need to start model building straight away.

This kit is perfect for young and adult model building enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced. Whether as an exhibition piece, as a collector's item or for playful flight maneuvers - the Alpha Jet model kit brings joy and educational hours.

The special highlight of this model kit are the three kits included, each of which creates its own Alpha Jet model. With detailed surfaces and the ability to display the landing gear retracted or extended, this kit leaves nothing to be desired.

Background information:
The Alpha Jet is an agile and highly maneuverable subsonic aircraft used both as a trainer aircraft and in the fighter-bomber role. With this model kit you can celebrate the 50th anniversary of this impressive aircraft and experience a piece of aviation history up close. Regardless of whether you are already a fan of the Alpha Jet or want to become one - with this model kit you can devote yourself to the fascinating hobby of model building and recreate a piece of history at the same time.

  • Scale: 1:144
  • Age recommendation: 10+
  • Number of parts: 126
  • Length: 85mm
  • Span: 65mm